Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's true

The sun rose to the left of the pine tree behind which it rose yesterday!

Nice bit of montage for solar-holiday fans here

Next year I shall make the low-carb, high-protein biscotti for Dick with more bean flour. The gluten flour made one of the toughest giant cookies I have ever encountered; it was neat to feel the difference cutting those biscotti from cutting the ones I made for me (gluten-free). And think it will be bulletproof.

The pudding recipe from NPR makes more than they say it does. More than I would need for FOUR Christmases. There is no mixing bowl in the world (outside of restaurant supply) big enough for this recipe.I managed to break a nail down to the quick; although it would have made a change from coins, rings, beans, horseshoes, etc, but I did not include it. I used butter instead of suet, and real fruit instead of candied peel, and gluten-free breadcrumbs and flour. And more spice. They are steaming on the stove; the recipe suggests 9 hours. I am suggesting it will be lucky to get a few 2 hour sessions.

I am forcing one of them on Doug and his Florida-based New York Jewish girlfriend; now they have relaxed the airline safety precautions, he should be able to take it on the plane (New Year's at Disney). I'll let you know if it's edible. I'm frightened.

My thumb is no worse. I am almost done with one socks and the other is over half, so my father's feet will not be cold all winter.

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Norma said...

I'm dubious about the substitution of butter for suet. Let me know how that works out for ya. (hee) I didn't want to, but I became a convert to The Real Thing (i.e., suet), even though it pains me to think of it. I enter some sort of zen state when eating it and make myself forget what's in it. All this is purely academic this year, as there is no pudding. Damn. On years when I have my act together, my mom and I make the puddings on Thanksgiving day or the day after. They're supposed to cure for a while. I'm gonna miss it this year.