Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sometimes it snows really hard

We got 15.25 inches of light and fluffy here. The driving to work was not good, but the drive from work, when the boss sent me home at 12:30, was the worst I have EVER been scared driving in snow. My wipers got ice all over them, leaving a nice random deposit of opaque icy patches. I could not see even well enough, really, to pull over. The back window misted over. Other people were driving carefully or I would be a smashed statistic.

Fortunately I had not passed beyond the relatively near exit, where I drove into a 2-foot drift. But no one else was headed there, so I could clean off the wipers, chip the other ice off around the windshield and catch my breath. I pulled out of the snow drift with some patience and rocking, and drove around Terra Incognita (I thought that was in Indiana...), NH, with the air conditioner _and_ the defroster _and_ the heater on full blast. I finally found a person to ask the direction for the main roads. Whereupon it stopped snowing completely and I drove home. Paul the contractor,who plows my driveway, was having trouble with his brakes, so I drove up the driveway in his tire tracks (only maybe 10" deep. I love my Subaru). He finished fixing the brakes and the sun came out and I took the picture.

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It was so lovely, with the sun out.

I have spent today knitting and putting off working on fruitcakes. And Christmas cards. I know I bought some....

Laura, chastened and tired and home in one piece


Norma said...

Yes, it surely does. (snow really hard)
Been there, done that. In exactly the same way.

Glad you got home safely.

stephanie said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how much it sucks to do almost exactly that...on a bike.