Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Uneasy times

Matt K. wrecked his car day before yesterday, on I-93. He is fine, which cannot be said of his aging Volvo.

Tanya who works across the hall from Dick lost her mother in a car wreck the same day before yesterday. Her father was badly injured but seems to be stable. Tanya and her husband have a relatively new baby (his first Christmas).

Next summer's field school will be in Colebrook, NH, on the outskirts of town. We will be camping at a state park sort of nearby. The site is mixed Archaic and Paleo; Edna found it in her past life as a contract archaeologist.

Drive carefully.


Norma said...

Oy. Uneasy times is right.

PJ said...

yikes...your so right! like the photo in my blog this morning...roads are dangerous. All of us must me careful! Thanks for reminding us esp. in this 'rushed' time of year!