Friday, January 13, 2006

Not a bad day

It is hard (though I am sure I could manage) to complain about a day beginning with someone begging to make one of one's pictures part of the cover of his new book. I believe it will be one of several and I am not getting paid, no, but I AM getting a credit, yes, which is plenty cool enough for me. Since I took it, I have no angst about looking fat or demented in it. My two friends look, in fact, cute.

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The author wanted the color version. I'll let you know when it comes out.

Then I went to the adequately hideous strip-mall Post Office that Concord must have done something awful to deserve, and there was a treeful of birds in the slushy, dangerous parking lot. Not sparrows, not even goldfinches: cedar waxwings, who were ignoring cars so I could take a picture. Even if it isn't a very good picture.

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And I was early to work so I could take trite pictures of the beautiful rime.

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The workday was so-so, but I came home and Ellie made Stuffed Gluten-Free Shells, allowing me to try Hot-Pour dyeing like the Twisted Sisters. Way cool. The green was the only one that the dye struck the way it was supposed to, but I think the rovings will be pretty.


LucyB said...

Thank you! This photo brings back the memories of the beautiful point and all of the dig smiles and laughter and I already miss not being on the Colebrook dig (which would have been in my neighborhood). I enjoy the Bird photos - we have a giant flock of buzzards who nest across the road. When they fly up together it is awesome, but I haven't photographed them - just stood and listened to the whisper of their wings and watched the flash of sunlight on their wings!

Sara said...

Birds, too cute! They look like they are trying to catch the sun, a-way up there. And I like the non-sequitor: gluten free shells allows one to try hot pour dyeing. I think it should be a headline, myself :-).

juno said...

I love, love, love that rime frost on leaves picture - it just struck me dumb. You have a beautiful eye.

Laurie said...

The rime was quite stunning in VT and NH this week. I finally understood about fog and cold and rime and how it gets like that.

I've never seen waxwings. Very cool.

Valerie said...

Your pictures are great! I especially love the cedar waxwing picture. Also thanks for my new word of the day, "rime". We get plenty of it in Michigan, but I never knew that word!

Helen said...

whaddya mean the picture of the birds isn't good?
It's a great picture of the birds.
I particularly like the pair of blogs..

Stephanie said...

I like the rime pictures too...
Actually, you just taught me that it's called rime. I had no idea.
(I wonder if it's rime in Canada?)

Carole said...

So great to meet you today, Laura. And I love the cedar waxwing photo.