Thursday, January 12, 2006


First Finished Object/s of 2006:

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Two or even three days ago; size 13, Lorna's Laces 'Tuscany,' and even with handpainted yarn it might be good to check dye lots. Nor is it worthwhile to do a seed-stitch rib if you flank it with K2. One has to learn these things sometime.

I have almost finished the first sock for Ellie, and am back at work on The Experimental Hat. It would be nice if I finished that one by Saturday, when I will probably see its intended donatee (donee? Sam, anyway). It's quite possible, particularly if I can persuade my ever-loving daughter to do the drive down to Boston.

Ellie and I are not in mourning or anomie or just LOSS at all from having finished watching the DVD set of Firefly. We still haven't watched Serenity so we aren't missing the crew or wondering what would have happened if Joss Whedon had been permitted to carry his story arcs out more than maybe ten degrees. No sir, we are not FanGirls.

It snowed enough for Doug to christen his snowshoes (not in the Aussie sense, as far as I know), and then it rained really hard last night, with son-et-lumiere (even in French it's backwards). this will give my re-wrenched knee a chance to get better before we snow-shoe again. Eight inches of powder and leaves underneath that is a very comfortable fall, but I must learn to get my limbs properly composed.


Laurie said...

The North Country has lost its snow. We are bereft of any hope of XC skiing. It remains only to haunt the local yarn stores.

I love the picture of limbs composing.

Valerie said...

The socks look great. I don't see a dyelot issue on my screen. Happy belated blogiversary