Friday, January 06, 2006


It seems to have been a year since I started here at Blogspot. On the whole, a good year. Not only have I got a Job, which I really needed, but I have met a bunch of very nice people online and had the pleasure of meeting some of them in the real world. To say nothing of being practically bludgeoned into going to Rhinebeck.

Sometimes blogging helps my knitting, and sometimes knitting helps my blogging. I have made great progress on my father's second sock (he may get the pair next week, which is I think the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord and still strictly speaking Christmastide). On the Sisyphean side, my daughter fell hard for a pink-lemonade colorway of Sockotta so I am in no danger of knitting anything for myself. The Experimental Hat lacks about 2 hours' work, because by Christmas my thumb hurt and I was kind of tired out. So I baked and made puddings instead, largely.

Christmas was fine; my mother thoughtfully got me Robin Hansen's mittens books (possibly trying to make sure she got the right one) and other people gave me 1491 and several others i need to pay more attention to, and some beautiful earrings from Ellie in green amber and silver. My ex-husband had hoped I would offer a blender and was pleased with the Cuisinart stainless-steel monster. She hosted Christmas Day Dinner and we all ate much too much and went off home or to the houses of girl and boyfriends.

I lack either, which probably contributed to a spiffing case of post-holiday blues, cured by both of my kids' talking to me (separately) for a couple of hours about themselves, which made a change from thinking about myself, lunch with a friend I had not seen for a couple of years and calls from some other people I hadn't heard from in a while. Maybe sometime I'll learn to call up people myself before I get so bleak. Score one good thing for the holidays; people do tend to think about reconnecting. At least other people. I was grateful.

The thumb is better, though not entirely, whether because it was time or because I am wearing a Tibetan medicine bracelet I was given for Christmas. I spent some days off reading Patrick O'Brien and watching Firefly (I'll link these later) and getting a lot done on the above-mentioned socks.

Then on the 3rd I went back to work, where my boss informed me that I had had a much much better New Year's Day than he had: he fell off a ladder and broke three ribs and his pelvis and sacrum. For various medical reasons he can't take anything stronger than Tylenol and he is still in the hospital. This has caused work to be even weirder than before, since, he knows all the ropes and I know very few. He calls and gives useful directions,but it is plain his good humor is wearing thin. Considering how much I complained about a mere sprained knee I don't blame him at all. He is probably more worried than I am about how the work is to get done, since his consists of going to a lot of widely scattered meetings and he can barely move.

I will try to be more diligent. it looks like I posted about every three days in the past year, and I am sadly behind. I hope all of you have at least as good holidays as I did, and certainly none involving untoward encounters with ladders.

Weather complaint: It hasn't been miserably cold and it hasn't sleeted much and it has hardly snowed more than is ornamental. Honestly, how can I moan and whimper? More, how can I go snowshoeing? Doug bought himself a pair and I imagine that will make the ski-slopes go bankrupt.

Do take care.


Laurie said...

Happy blogiversary, happy holidays, and here's to continued good health.

Norma said...

Happy Blogiversary. I'm glad we nearly bludgeoned you into coming to Rhinebeck. It was good, no? Next time we'll have to wield a larger stick. Have you seen my new blog persona? The bustier-wearing, sawed-off-shotgun-carrying version? Yeah. Don't even THINK about saying no.

Cassie said...

Happy blogiversary, and ... what Norma said about the bludgeoning. It was great to see you there.

Please always feel free to email if you're feeling down. You have friends and although some of us are far away, we care.

claudia said...

You know, I distinctly remember having lunch with you three or more years ago and you pooh-poohing blogs and that you simply had no interest in reading them.


Just sayin'.

Teresa C said...

So glad you are a blogger! And it took practically bludgeoning you to get you to Rhinebeck? Next you should have half the vendors there paying you, you sure sold enough stuff to enough people! :)

julia fc said...

Mee too, happy blogiversary!

vicki said...

I continue to enjoy your blog- Happy Anniversary! And for what it's worth: here's the weather report for Ann Arbor, MI: 36F, mostly cloudy, 76% humidity, winds 8 mph WNW, and most importantly! the barometric pressure is 30.16 and rising. Have a great day and thanks for your visits!