Thursday, January 31, 2008

How long?

Dear Internet,

So I leaned over my laptop keyboard this morning, somewhat squashing it with my umm, tracts of land (GREAT tracts of land, thank you), and when I sat up again the display was 90 degrees counterclockwise. So instead of typing into a candy or cigar box, I now have a keyboard awkwardly mounted on one leaf of book. It is going to do interesting things to my neck. The touchpad was a whole vertigo-inducing experience, and ly Solitaire and not looking at it has lent me any facility at all. Have you any suggestions?

HA! HA! Deep within the other click on the background of the desktop
there are Display options, control-alt(arrow in direction you want it to go)

So I heard my parents' TV remote refused to work (my father got the cable people to reprogram it) at the same time as their printer went odd (my father called a helpful HP rep), and when I got to work the desk printer had swallowed a file it could neither print nor disgorge until much rebooting and redoubled deleting of files took place, and then I found out Mercury was indeed in retrograde and there is weird computer stuff going on all over nonprofit New Hampshire.

I may not buy any more books on beaded or embroidered embellishment until I have used the ones I have for at least an hour. But isn't reading about something and looking at the pictures the same as doing it?

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