Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am supposed to blog more often

And there's now a Facebook group for the Internet Review of Books.

When I am not supposed to be getting awake, exercised (I already nearly lost my temper, does that count?)and clean for the Day Ahead, I will post pictures from this , "Gods in Color: Painted Statuary of Antiquity" and if they have taken down the site ask me and I will send you the PDF. Gaudy takes on a new meaning. Great exhibit. If you missed it in Boston, it will be travelling around the country and it is pretty neat. The sculptors _incised_ the decoration on the clothing. Into marble. I chatted with another Elizabeth Wayland Barber fan.

I have been knitting. I am making my mother a hat. If I ever used patterns from anywhere but the Elegant Ewe I could direct you to them, but it only involves three balls of yarn (not from stash)and I hope to finish it THIS WINTER. My mother's birthday is next week. Anticipation of a gift is a fine thing, I tell her.

My daughter made me clean the kitchen and then I did a minor purge on some bookshelves so I can conceivably put the books on my bedroom floor away. Three boxes for the used bookstore (an interesting mix of spirituality and forgettable science fiction; I kept the memorable stuff) and one for the poor prison chaplain whom I am going to offer some really decent scripture books on the condition she takes the whole box. She can find homes for the rest. Out of my hands.

My next obstacle to walking through that part of the house involves a bunch of boxes of Stuff, moved from elsewhere, compiled randomly, and if it were easy to place I might have done so already. I'd rather knit.

I wonder what I was going to blog when I started this?

I love the redpolls.

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Carter said...

You are an absolute dear to publicize the Internet Review of Books for me!

I just got around to reading your New York adventures, which sound remarkably like the ones your mother and I have when we go there, except we do surrealists instead of Romans.

You told me it was 15 there. That's too cold. Please check with authorities and have the temperature raised.

I like redpolls, too, but I'll settle for a few of the cute little
house finches we get here in the bad bad city.