Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday and Sunday and I think Thursday

I am indeed partial to mice, particularly ones who live where they should (outside), although the one who lived in my fridge eating tortillas was very dear (he grew a long, shaggy coat...tusks for scraping through the frost....).

I started this on Saturday Jan 5 and now it's the 6th. So glad I did not have to go to work to sit in front of a computer and find it hard to remember what I am doing (blogging is easier; if I forget what I'm doing I can always look at yarn or something till I remember). I haven't slept very well lately either, so it's quite surreal.

Anyway. I still have the cold that foundered Atlantis (it now comes with a cough that rocks Knossos) and have spent Saturday sleeping late, redoing the second Little Coriolis sock so it works, and taking a nap.

Hey, does it mean I have FOUR finished objects for 2008 so far? Two Little Sky socks and two Little Coriolis, one in each direction? I can tell you that the directions are good. I can imagine that someday I would know what I am doing. But right now I am just mouth-breathing through Cat Bordhi's belief that her Left-Leaning Increase is not of itself increase+do the rest of the stitch. You do the increase, and she says K2, and she means K the 'daughter' stitch whose hopes have got up since you were increasing its 'mother',which you were certainly going to anyway, and then another stitch. It is possible that everyone calls the increase and the next K 2 stitches rather than one action, but it has been awhile since I tried to do anything much with directions. Anyway, not much in the way of intellect; it is good she has very solid directions. I have to remember to eat and drink all my own. Even in this state I am tired of the color of yarn I am using. It looked lovely in the skein and in the ball or the FO. Now that I have finished the two pairs of baby socks (anyone know any babies?) I am thinking of essaying a grown-up Coriolis Sock. I even decided I would use the Icelandic I think Too Much Wool made me buy at the MA Sheep&wool in 'o6, although now I am looking at this ball of sock yarn...Anyway, Saturday's big exertion was untangling several different up-market yarns with or without attached, vestigial UFO's, which took a while and must have involved cats at some point to get to that point...and another pair of nearly finished fingerless gloves, apparently made by a fingerless glove maniac with ADD who was here last year.

For complicated reasons having to do with NPR I am reading the very funny blog of a British/Egyptian woman,.

Right then. I think we were up to Dec. 27. We went to The Met. By this time Ellie had decided she would master the subways, which are much faster as well as much cheaper than the taxi. There is less scenic to enjoy, however. We had much less luggage and we were mentally prepared for the huge numbers of people, and to tell the truth, the heaving throngs weren't so bad once we left the outer portals of the ancient world. Ellie had a cold and was somewhat vague, but she managed, after a very pleasant half-hour, to suggest that we go look at Roman antiquities while she still had some brain cells, before her feet started to hurt. I am told it is a new wing. It was splendid.

I still haven't said anything about Dec. 27 and now it's Monday. I was just short of useless at work today. I have now spent the available time tonight trying to learn how the cool people use Flickr to illustrate their blogs, and it looks like you have to upload all the pictures and then write the blog around them. I don't think I can think that far ahead. So I will continue to use Photobucket and also have a Flickr gallery. Or something. But now I have to post this and go to bed. I have up to the heel of a Laura-sized Coriolis Sock and a chunk of instep of the second one on the needles (unless thye have fallen off)made out of the allegedly khaki Jager Farms yarn, and I have to vote tomorrow.

The OBD is immersed in Trying to Decide and though I advise her not to worry too much she is doing research and can't find any one candidate whose views she entirely agrees with. Was I raised more pragmatic? Yes. Am I also old and jaded? Definitely. I realized that my mother was only 33 in 1968, which of course from 51 looks like the bloom of youthful early maturity. No wonder she worries about people getting shot. I worry too. Trauma, the gift that goes on giving....but I am so grateful that we don't seem, yet, to have tanks in the streets.


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