Saturday, January 15, 2005


My baby daughter is very fond of duckies. She is accomodating to real adult ducks, and of course to real ducklings, but her personal totem is the yellow, rubber-style ducky. She wore out her commercially made ducky slippers her first semester of college and told me this three days before Christmas, not that I would have been able to find new ones on such short notice (Concord is not ducky-enhanced). But she allowed me to have a go and has pronounced these 'cute,' even though I needed to redo the eyes of one of them. It was looking at her in a marked manner. She considered naming it Mad-Eye Moody. Anyway, I am pleased; I got them finished before she had to go back to college (tomorrow), and proved the 'large-sock' theory of felted slippers.

Sewing a garter-stitch felted sole to the sockfoot was considerable work even with a sharp needle. The slippers are warm and soft. I would like to add some puff paint anti-skid devices, and if there is a crafts store on the way to Northampton I will do it tomorrow.

My mother's socks are coming along nicely and if Abbey had cooperated I would have a had a picture of her savaging them.

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goatfarmer said...

Dear Laura, Pat & i are visiting your site. Very cool! more later....