Sunday, October 16, 2005

It was good

Rhinebeck was fun. The people were fun to be with. No one I know drank too much, although it must be said that Norma said, stone cold sober, with absolute conviction, that flecks were very important.

She is right, of course.

I did not need to buy anything, but I managed to. The Woodchuck's stall was as seductive as I have always been told. I restrained myself the first day and only bought 2 ounces of Blue-Faced Leicester to spin on a Charis spindle as I walked around. This was supposed to make me buy less. I think opaque contacts lenses would work better.

Mostly I just want to say I got home in four hours, and yes, there were big gusts of wind and I hope Linda and Helen get home okay.

Possibly more when I get a night's sleep.


Norma said...

Flecks ARE very important!

Great weekend. Thanks for adding to and being a part of it!

Laurie said...

There are very few people who could be as observant, in as few words, about peacock tails. It was a pleasure seeing you, despite my inability to collect pictures of your feet.

Flecks? WTF?

Teresa C said...

I'm glad to know that I helped cinch the deal on the flecks. Glad to help. It was so great to hang with you on Saturday. Nobody does the fair quite like you, it was a blast. I missed you on Sunday, what happened? I was hoping for the drop spindle lesson. Did you hear I had success on my first sit down at a wheel? Now I really am thinking about getting one.....