Sunday, October 02, 2005

Unmistakably autumn

Weather: my compliments to the chef. This is what I would like to live for, only I might not make it through the year. Dry, crisp, sunny, not too cold in the shade.

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I was forced entirely at gunpoint to go up a hundred miles north to Randolph for, essentially, a very small amount of light labor and three hours of knitting (in the car) time, with good conversation. It is always beautiful in the Mt. Washington valley.

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On the way home I had a hankering to see a heron, so I pulled into the boat launch road I have never gone down. I was a little late, but apparently in the right area:

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The water was so still I could hardly tell the reflection from the trees, which was funny when one of them was upside down.

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My knee is 90% all better (except when I flex it backwards. Not good). Here is the shot out the bedroom window, which should become more colorful for a few weeks:

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