Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Solar power

If you have not encountered Accuweather Blog 38 Below, you should consider doing so. Here's his description of the weather in Charleston, SC, yesterday:

"Okay, close your eyes. Imagine one of those polaroid pictures. We've all seen them before. Outside is the classic white border. Now inside picture a gray square. Now, next to you is a guy holding a bucket. He seems nice enough. He smiles and waves. Now he throws the water on you that he had in the bucket. He does that four or five times.

"Now you have an idea of what the weather was like this morning. (Open eyes now.) Fortunately this was better than the weather in Orlando, which was similar to the above except that the square in the middle of the polaroid was black, and the fellow with the bucket brought 39 of his closest friends with him."

Now what is amazing is that this is the very description of the weather, _here_, today. Only he forgot that the smiling man periodically throws the bucket at you, too. If God has decided to hate everyone who hoped make an honest dime off leaf-peeping tourists, wouldn't it be more effective to say so first?

I find bright yellow cornbread with apricot jam is helpful, first because of the spiritus magic, and then because sugar and starch are involved (and grease), and finally because I had to turn on the oven. My cats are going insane with boredom.


Carole said...

Hi! This is my first comment, I found you through Norma. I'm in SE Mass and your description of today's weather is perfect. Blech.

Helen said...

I'm with Carole. I've spent far too much time outside today and feel rather drenched.

I wish I could stay inside tonight with a nice fire in the woodstove, but instead, I'm off to do some incentive work for a large company.

Laurie said...

Yes, that describes outside the window exactly. The leaves are getting RIPPED off the trees, and blown straight into my gutters.

Kristen said...

mmm...I don't think I have an umbrella big enough to fend off said man with bucket of water, let alone his 39 friends. Wasn't all the snow/sleet/rain that we had enough?! (I'm taking care of cats this weekend and am hoping they'll entertain me; I hadn't considered that I might have to entertain them...)