Monday, March 27, 2006

Fiber fest April 22

We are having some kind of fiber party here April 22. I mentioned this last month but I think it might be an idea to mention it again. I hope some of you all can come. There is a remote chance my Loom Room will be fully functional by then, if we get the gas fake-woodstove thing connected, only 11 months after I think the second "I hope it's ready by" deadline.

Regardless, the hot tub is doing well and it may be warm enough to be outside, in which case Doug and I will mix up some dyes to play with on the porch. We plan to have food and drink.

My email, as I have not said often enough, is lauraej atttt tds dought net, if you want to repondre, SVP, or get directions.

And I must thank the fabulous Claudia LB for her gift of needles to the Smith dorm Knitting Library. I have to find a way to glue a tiny brass plaque onto each one, with the donor's name; maybe I should put what size needle it is on, too.


Norma said...

Well, that sounds like fun. I'll be a bit late....say, around May 12th?

claudia said...

As for plaques, we can just pretend we did it.


Helen said...

Oh, I would love to come, but I'm putting up Twist for registration that day with IAGARB. pout!

I'll be there with you in spirit.

Laurie said...

Depends on how long the DH can be left and if I can find a sitter...things are still evolving with the Big Guy.

Dhuglas said...

Well, I DO plan on making it! It has been a year since the dye pots have had something in them and the grills lit.

Uhmmm, there is a table next to the hot tub, maybe one can pull the table closer and manage the soaking....uhhmmmm