Friday, March 03, 2006

really, I have left for work

Tonight I am zooming to Northampton to see the daughter and then zooming home Saturday afternoon, when, of course, I will take the cardboard blocking the entrance of my house to the recycling center and tidy the downstairs and sort and put away the laundry... or maybe I should stay in Northampton until Monday morning.

I was faithful to the pink sweater during the Olympics and am now about 1/3 done with both sleeves. And I made a little fuzzy Firenze scarf, because it was 14 st across, in garter stitch, and so much fun I have the yarn for another one for the daughter and a third promised for someone else. Firenze is on sale at the Elegant Ewe. It is not a serious yarn and has no natural ingredients.

While I was getting an 18" circular for the sleeves, and incidentally the second batch of Firenze, I started fondling some Debbie Bliss alpaca silk and talked myself into a small very squishy scarf for Doug the housemate. Right now scarves seem to be like potato chips and I want to eat more than one.

Pictures will follow.


Beth S. said...

I know just what you mean about scarves. I have the scarf-bug too, and it shames me deeply. (Though mine at least came from a sheep; that's something, anyway.)

Birdsong said...

What the heck! Scarves make great gifts, and though it is not as cold here in California, it's snowing like crazy this morning, and half the year a scarf is a really useful accessory. I am in the crowd that was excited to see such a diversity of yarns available compared to when I learned as a child 40 years ago.

Cassie said...

After the olympic thing, I've also retreated to scarfland. Its not a bad place to be.

Amber said...

Hope you enjoyed NoHo, I lived there for 3 years or so, and grew up nearby.

Love. It.

Lived a walk from webs. Danger danger danger! (a la croc hunter)