Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wicked speryts

So you know, I have already remembered to take the motherwort, and I hope it helps. I used to get PMS in advance. I still do. But the last couple of months it's also been great fun around the first couple days of the period, WITH cramps, thank you, and yes, I have wished myself and quite a few other people dead.

So I hope I feel better soon. I think I might like a few days on the Gulf of Mexico but no one would go with me and I wouldn't like them anyway if they spoke to me or breathed or anything pushy like that. I can't think of much else I would like, although sleeping more and not going to work would be on the list.

Kind people whom I like ask me how I am and I try to manuever around the fact that if we talk about anything consequential I will probably cry, and nothing new is the matter, except that last week I could work in the garden and this week I could get frostbite.

I think I am also at the part of New Job where I have been there for four months and I feel like I should know everything and I don't. It feels like every day something new comes up that I ought to have done, and every week I find out new things I hate about Microsoft Outlook. It must be nice to be whomever it was designed for.

It is indeed nice and sunny. I know there are people out there going for walks and seeing interesting birds. I think it's too damned cold and I am tired of that, too.

I do have a couple of snowdrops and some optimistic birds telling one another about sex and territory.


Norma said...

Oh, frickin' wykked sperytis! "if they breathe or do anything pushy like that" had me rolling on the floor. Hope the Motherwort works. I went out to the garden and my motherwort looks very dead/frozen. I hope she comes back....I'm quite sure she will.

Sara said...

Hope the Motherwort works and that you are feeling better...I agree it is still "too damn cold" for taking walks. Around here everyone is acting like it is spring - but, the wind is blowing and I am freezing..