Tuesday, March 21, 2006


See, a change of scene. Now the sane person: I did finish a soft little alpaca scarf for Doug, which he likes and I hope he doesn't sweat through it too much before I take a picture. I liked it, too, since it looks tidy on the front and the back and this is never asomething to take for granted.

I have half of an inconsequential Firenze scarf for which I have misplaced the second skein. I am hoping it got left in Northampton when I picked up the daughter at school. Then I cast on a Trekking sock and a scarf and a hat. The sock will go on, in a bit. The scarf may get frogged and restarted (I was having trouble following the pattern in the midst of the conversation that day, and there is a slight fear in my heart that it may be just hideous -- the yarn is a bit odd. But will the recipient think it is hideous?)

The hat is a ZigZag hat designed by Kelly Bridges, one of the goddesses at the Elegant Ewe. It involves two contrasting skeins of Koigu or similar (I am using a blackish Koigu and a mottled red Tradewinds. because myy son has a black-red thing going on)with a rolled rim, a braid, and then a nice big zig-zag. I cast it on on Sunday and I am about half done, which goes to show that it is easy yet interesting and satisfying in its increments. And I will post pictures really soon. Knitting is good.

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