Thursday, March 09, 2006

Knit on, regardless

So I have had a couple of days paying the dues for membership in the "No, of Course I'm Not Bitter[most of the time]" Divorced Persons Club (if you need the link to the NYT storythat set me off, go look in Enchanting Juno's comments) and I went to archaeology lab to wash rocks (and incidentally introduce two of the sweetest, cutest, most-likely-to-get-you-booked-on suspicion-of-Dealing pocket-sized tenth-of a gram scales, on which we weigh flakes of rock) and see the new issue of American Archaeology, which has a very nice story about SCRAP, my NH archaeology outfit, and used one of my pictures. Printed full-page, in color, and credited to Laura E. Johnson.

Which is not my name. Try the third president, not the 36th, okay?

There are just days you can't win.

They misspelled the author's name, too. He has 2 L's.

And their website doesn't load.


Juno said...

Bastards. Let us hunt them down and make them all apologize.

And I mean ALL of them.

Beth S. said...

I'm off to hunt down that story--sounds like a good read.

Incidentally, I get the name problem all the time, even though I'm married. So many corporations and institutions just don't get that many of us prefer to use our own names no matter what our marital status may be. (Sigh.)

Norma said...

LOL. When my husband calls to order pizza, he goes, "Miller -- M-I-L-L-E-R." I always laugh at him, but maybe I shouldn't. Hee.

Well done, Madam Johnson. ;-)