Friday, April 27, 2007

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Austin is beautiful, the weather is good, the bats are very cool. I went to half of a symposium on La Tene art, and most of one on New England prehistory (and I have to admit our Archaic points are BOOOOOOORing) and tacos for lunch. I must have done something in the afternoon besides buy books, but I can't remember.

I am sharing my room with three other women and Matt from SCRAP. I like all of them very much, and it's fun to have a pack to hang around with. We went out for barbecue, back to the hotel for bat-watching, and then out to Sixth Street (see picture above)for more beer and music. Unfortunately I decided not to be a moral coward and call home to see how Mena is, and she is not going to make it.

So I came back to the hotel to be with my computer. The Internet means you can always have a small chunk of home with you wherever you go.


Saisquoi said...

Oh, sweetie--I am so sorry to hear about Mena. It sounds as though she succumbed to the same thing as Odin-devil cat. It sucks.

Try to enjoy Austin regardless.

A quick prayer:

0 Spirit and Giver of Life, you abandon no creature that the flame of your presence has enlivened: Abide with us in this world and sustain in us the hope that we may yet again rejoice in the companionship of Mena in the world to come. Amen.

sarah said...

If sympathy from a complete stranger can possibly help, you have mine. I don't know if not being there makes it harder. But I'm remembering the cats - and dogs - who left holes in my heart and crying for yours as well.

Kimberly said...

I am so sorry that Mena is not improving. I hope you can get hugs as needed while you're in Austin.