Monday, April 16, 2007

It rained considerably

In fact, I chickened out of work, and my boss said that as the power was flickering on and off in Concord, he did not think it was too far out of line.

There is not, so far as I can find, a picture on the Web of Christopher Robin and Pooh travelling by umbrella to rescue Piglet when Piglet was Entirely Surrounded by Water. I spent a good deal of time looking.

Doug returned from having left for work. Having seen the flooding between our house and the town proper, he became concerned that the roads would not let him get home. Then he took a long time getting up the driveway, which was beginning to feel the pain.

Sarah came by, Having driven up from Boston, she had not found the storm was any great shakes to drive through, and being told not to come to work today, she decided to come be marooned here, with a different bunch of cats. She left her car near the bottom of the driveway.

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Nor could I find on the Web the Bloom County cartoon of two guys talking after the Rolling Stones had trashed the Bloom County Motel, with one of them saying, "[the motel] ain't gone, Henry, she's in the pool." My driveway ain't gone, she's spread out over the lawn.

A small album of flood pictures Flooding on APril 16, 2007">here (mine)

A larger album from WMUR: I recommend 15, 28, and I think it was 45 or 43 in particular.

I finished the magenta-greenish grayish socks, yum, and wore them, too, and cast on some peach-melba only I think she calls it bittersweet flavored Lorna's Laces for my mom (socks. Whatever other unmarked knitted object could you imagine?).


Norma said...

MY WORD, Laura! What a bunch of pictures. Love "the lawn." Geeeeeezy Creezy!

I forgot to respond to your chicken email this morning, but it has given me a chuckle all day.

Teresa C said...

Wow. Is this going to happen to us every spring? I'm starting to worry.