Monday, April 23, 2007

Born to be hanged

The cat came back. I want to ground her. No prom, no driver's license, no trips to the mall. But I will take her to the vet tomorrow and get her checked out. Thank you for your good wishes, they certainly helped ME. And perhaps also Doug, who was doing calling and sending reiki into the woods. The blighted animal showed up saying, "What?" at about 7:20 this evening and not in a penitent tone of voice. I was just back from drowning my sorrows in a paperback at Borders and thinking Doug was sweet but not a sensible person to be still looking for her.

Ooh, Mena, just you wait till your father gets home. Or something.

Love is not for sissies. I have a headache.

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Anonymous said...

There were 2 VERY surprised, all cheery and tearful at the same time, adult persons looking at her at the end of the deck.

What did I do, she meeewed!

Better spirits flooded in when Laura told me that Mena was GROUNDED, so VERY grounded, from going to the Prom.

I agreeed! In the end, she returned on her own, however, and that will not be argued.

Hello Mena, nice to see you and hear your purrrrrr.