Thursday, March 31, 2005

Because I am lazy

No pictures. But the signs of spring are becoming almost ominous:
The state of NH suggests we take down our birdfeeders by April 1, as the bears will becoming out of hibernation. My local bear or bears is an early riser, and bent a quarter-inch steel rod in a bracket straight down, removing a birdfeeder from a height of at least eight feet. That was Sunday morning.

Sometime recently, Sarah ordered a dozen Araucana chicks, due here the first week of May.

On Tuesday, the cat and I wondered what was up because crows were making a racket. We looked out the window. We don't usually even have crows. Or a red-tailed hawk in the big tree over there... it made a few remarks about the placement of chicken coops and left.

I drove out a bit later, passing I think a doe, certainly a deer, a white-tailed deer, most of the way down my excessive driveway. I stopped to check the mail and heard a red-winged blackbird. This suggests there is at least a dampland there. Cool.

When Sarah and I got back from our weaving class , she surprised a possum, who ran under the porch.

I am not as far along in the warping as Sarah is, but I haven't messed it up yet, either. Go me!

Last night I ripped out (the first border and the second one up to half way through the messed-up second repeat of) the flower-basket shawl all the cool kids are making (see Sarah again, and the Harlot, and everyone...) and started it again in purple Rittrata. I like the homespun I was using but the object had too much fudging by the time I pulled it out, and the loudness of the yarn was not making it easier to follow the vagaries of the pattern. God willing, I will make at least two of these small shawls and get to use the homespun again. It is peach/raspberry melba colored tencel and silk I spun at least eighteen months ago, seduced by the color and shine of the roving.

My father likes his socks. My ex likes her scarf. These are gratifying things. Now I want to start a pair of socks for my contractor (though if I want him to finish up and leave, it's supposed to be a sweater, right?).

I have been giving my right index finger a rest and not spinning much (I think it has tendonitis. A copper ring, arnica, and aspirin all help). Today I am leaving for Northampton, by way of picking up an Ashford traddy Doug has bought from someone and Helen of Bay Colony Farm. Once in Northampton, I will take a two day class on Tablet Weaving at WEBS, and then go to the Smith science fiction convention. And bask in the sunlight of my daughter's presence till Sunday night or Monday.


Rosemary said...

Lovely images Laura. Thanks for sharing your signs of spring. Have fun this weekend in Northampton. Look forward to seeing photos of the tablet weaving and science fiction convention.

Helen said...

Becareful about the possum with the chicks. I know that possums are "no-no's" in the rabbitry, as they could potentially eat newborn baby rabbits. I imagine that chicks would also be a tasty treat. :(

It was lovely seeing you yesterday! I'm looking forward to your next visit! We'll do lunch then.

vicki said...

Hi Laura- Me, Too. Thanks for the lovely post on Spring. I posted a picture of Sophie eagerly waiting for Spring on outsidein- you'll laugh.
We're back to blustery and damp around here in Ann Arbor. Cheers.