Tuesday, March 22, 2005


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Snowdrops and crocus.

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But Roosevelt, the last of the three guinea pigs we moved here with, has passed on. I hope he finds a nice herd in heaven.

My father's socks continue. My ex's scarf is finished! With two skeins of Sof-Twist and two and a half of Cancun, you can make a 20-stitch across scarf on size 13 needles.

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I am also working on scarf that will be for me, because I have messed up the lace pattern. I could tear it out. In fact, I did tear out the first set of confusion. Why this pattern (two rows, one all purl: not rocket science) waits to mess until I have knitted four to seven inches of it, I do not know. But after the first misadventure, I discovered Portrait ( a lovely Monet-colored mohair --oh, now I remember why I don't ever buy mohair...) was not only wispy and lovely but magically _self-felting_. It does not rip out. Either I admit I have made the cat another fetching little shawl, or I live with some snarls. It's still very pretty, in a kind of cyanobacteria, primeval slime way. This picture shows the scarf before the second set of mistakes. It is indistinct, which is accurate, but not as good a color as the real thing. It's much longer now. As a first venture into lace it could be much more discouraging.

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Actually they need a gluten-free cookie. I suppose she would be slimy and very dry.


Caroline said...

Glad we have met! Judging by your posts and the bit of profile I saw (tree hugging dirt worshipper! Yeah!) we would get along well! Feel free to give me a holler and come visit the alpacas, dogs, kids anytime!

Helen said...

I like the scarf (yes, I do like the petro chemical yarns that are so shunned over on Sheep Thrills.). And lucky you to have small flowers blooming. The closest I've come so far in my yard are the pussy willows popping, and I saw the iris plants in my yarn coming up above the mulch. :)

So you still want a nice furry angora rabbit?

vicki said...

Morning Laura- hate to say but it's sunny here in Florida where I'm taking a week away from Michigan snow. I think guinea pigs are one of God's greatest achievements- they are simple, cute, dumb-as-posts, vegetarians and eternally grateful for something as simple as a carrot.
Wonder if snow drops will be waiting for me when I get home? Lovely picture- thank you. Jennifer is lucky you knit for her. :-)
I started at Wayne State, transferred to Michigan, finished grad school and never left. Now Ann Arbor is growing a little fast for my blood. It's been a good place to raise a family but now I'm thinking less congested. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Those snowdrops are encouraging.

(yarn harlot)