Sunday, March 13, 2005

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I knit nearly all the rest of Ellie's second mitten, I tidied the kitchen (a little), I spun some previously dyed roving while I tried to decide whether I should pin a bunch of fine yarn and dye it, or dye roving, and I reread _Practical Demonkeeping_. Everyone toted wood and fed it to the moderately helpful woodstove. Ellie made gluten-free battered tofu and chips.

The mitten is apparently a different pattern from the first mitten. Since I wasn't using a pattern, this is not too surprising. The first one is more beautiful and the second one fits better. I am not ripping either one.

More pictures will follow. It is indeed too damn much snow, but it is so very pretty here. I wish I had more birdseed, but I am managing to keep some going on the surface for the birds who prefer not to use the feeders. Why goldfinches are so messy that they get about half a tub on the ground BEFORE every snowstorm, limiting the resources for themselves as well as everyone else... mutter.

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