Sunday, March 27, 2005

For once I was the good guy

Yesterday my friend Doug came over to help me organize the basement, install lights, varnish the new room, demolish part of the deck. Only first he wanted to go to the Fiber Studio
because he wanted to get his friend Jackie in Florida a drop spindle (if I made Doug into a spinner and he makes Jackie into a spinner, am I entitled to 25% of her stash?).

I visited the Fiber Studio a week ago Friday (needed Sof-Twist), last Saturday(sale), last Sunday(visitors from MA), last Wednesday (to ask about wheel), last Thursday (to put the new wheel together), and then yesterday with Doug. On Tuesday, Sarah and I are starting a three hours a week for the next eight weeks weaving course. But I don't need to go there often, I can stop any time.

As it happened, they had a couple of drop spindles, and now have three fewer. We both bought silkweight Woodchucks and he got Jackie a nice Emily. I also got a small bump of silk and Merino and wandered around harmlessly. Doug found a pair of two-pitch Indigo hound combs and a couple of small shuttles and just one skein of rayon handpainted.

We went back toward my house, stopping in Henniker proper to look into the quilt shop. It is a lovely small quilt shop, and I have behaved very well there so far. Doug has a new sewing machine, but what he really wanted was white woolen flannel to dye for rug-hooking. The very nice woman uggested the Fiber Studio, but we had just been there. "Well, " she said, "Dorr Mills is just down the road."

Doug and I bought soup and apples at the grocery store and set out for Newport. Dorr Mills sells nice Pendleton clothes and blankets in a rather bleak setting, then you go into the next room... a sensual buffet of beautifully dyed woolens, well-displayed rug-hooking pattern and everything you need, including igolochokoy needles. I already have igolochkoy needles. I even already have rug hooks, because of Curlypurl, and a failed first project looking awful in a box. So I only bought a smallish piece of monk's-cloth and a small frame, which was under $15 and exactly what I knew I needed from trying it on a hoop. Doug got his flannel and a fine cat rug design and many bits and pieces.

We went back, at last, to my house and removed one box and two armloads of the previous owner's detritus. We surveyed the proposed subtractions from the deck, which will permit a decent view from the new room and provide lumber for Sarah's chicken coop (she is expecting a dozen chickies the first week of May). I tacked my cloth onto the frame and made about four stitches. Then we went out to dinner and and came back and Doug knitted another couple of row on his bunny square , and I made freeform loops out of a pile of really pretty yarn I imagine I space dyed but I can't recall ever having seen before (some things probably leave one's own stash and go to someone else's through L-Space).

Pictures will follow. My new wheel is fine. It works. I have to go to Boston. I wish everyone a good feast of whatever sort of resurrection she or he needs most.

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