Sunday, March 20, 2005

Blame Massachusetts. I have no backbone.

There were a few Thrillers who were supposed to come visit the Saturday it snowed a foot here. I advised them not to come. I thought maybe they would be able to visit this weekend. I know they had excellent reasons for not coming yesterday, but after I mentioned the sale at Fiber Studio (still going on today) you would have thought they'd have realized the dangerous position they put me in... Sarah has THREE wheels, so the voice of reason was clearly not living in this house.

I ordered a Kromski Symphony, even though my Joy still works just fine. Shame. Excess.

The one in the shop (already spoken for, alas) was so elegant, and so stable. The clear finish.
Pam thinks I should have it maybe by the end of the week.


Liz said...

If it's any is an incredibly beautiful wheel.

The Joy is great and portable, but I love all the turned spindles of a traditional looking wheel. Have fun with it.

Cassie said...

I followed the link and was actually pleasantly surprised by how affordable the Kromskis are. There is only one place here in the city that has any wheels at all, and although they teach a spinning class, they don't have a selection of wheels to try. The Schachts are very pricey, but when I got to try one I absolutely loved it.

I need a real job to support my fiber habit. Its becoming obvious.

claudia said...

Well, well, well. A new wheel, hmmm?

Will you have to hide it from Ellie?

Dhuglas said...

Laura, Laura, Laura! What ARE we to do with you! As soon as I get the Ashford Traditional, I will have 5! You have some catching up to do! How many looms on your docket?

Congratulations!_!. . .

I hope you don't get dizzy or vertigo,